Mission(미션) MV-C 센터스피커
상품코드 1904120003
정상가 240,000원
판매가격 30,000원
적립금 0원
제조사 Mission


For twenty five years, Mission loudspeakers have been renowned world-wide for their combination of advanced technology and fine craftsmanship. Mission's MV series reflects that pedigree and commitment to excellence in every aspect of its build, quality and performance. The best result is a new generation of loudspeakers that combine gracious styling with beautifully finished real wood veneers and entrancing sound quality

The Mission MV-c Centre speaker has been fine-tuned by Mission engineers to meet the challenging demands of the modern range of AV, DVD and music formats. Whether your interest is in stereo music reproduction or multi-channel movie surround sound, any combination of MV series speakers will delight your aural senses. Their special combination of wide bandwidth and stunning dynamic range bring both music sources and movie sound tracks to life, allowing you to wallow in the passion, drama and excitement recorded on CD and DVD. Unrestrained sound quality and fine furniture looks, these loudspeakers will gratify the senses and are a natural choice for connoisseurs of music and movies.

Carefully matched to the other speakers in the Mv range for similar acoustic characteristics, the Mission Mv-c centre channel provides superb clarity and dynamic performance in home cinema installations. 

Sleek and stylish
2 Way reflex centre speaker
Fine tuned by Mission engineers
Wide bandwidth and stunning dynamic range
Recommended Amplifier power 25 - 150 Watts
Included wall fixing

Product Specifications
  • Frequency Response at 3dB
85Hz - 20kHz
  • Dimensions (HxWxD) in mm
  • Finish
Black & Silver
  • Recommended Amp Power
25 - 100 Watts
  • Enclosure Type
2 Way reflex
  • Sensitivity

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